Welcome to the most important page of my website. I would like to share with all of you the good times we have training and at competitions. From the smallest local schooling show to recognized region 9 qualifiers and championships, all the way up to international events such as North American Young Riders, my students and their families are what make my business such a success!!

Some have been with me for many many years and some have just joined me. As we work together to learn the art of dressage we develop lifelong friendships, which to me, hold more value than even the most perfect half pass or flying change. As you look through the photos to see friends and “family” please remember that I couldn’t do it without you!! Thanks to all of my dedicated clients past, present and future!


Roxanne Jewell : Gold Medalist

Amanda Garrett: Gold Medalist

Allie Cyprus : Bronze and Silver Medalist

Holly Harper: Bronze and Silver Medalist

Kristin Cyprus: Bronze and Silver and Ben Winger: Bronze and Silver

Cynthia Moriarty and Brigitte Wexler: Bronze Medalists

Linda Stoudemayer: Bronze, Sarah Evans: Bronze & Silver Medalists

Sarah Christy: Bronze and Silver, Rhonda Smith: Bronze Medalist

Kylie Brkusich: Bronze Medalist

Celia Evans and Stella Gordon * CENTURY AWARD !

NAYC 2021 Sarah Evans and Carzanola !!!

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